About to get your grad hat on, or done throwing it in the air?

Whichever be the case, some questions are constant, what do I study next? What career do I want? What if there’s more?

One thing is true, there’s always more. The world is moving too fast. And while we maybe adapting as we go along, we’re not stopping to forecast and prepare for the bigger changes.

It is more important than ever to take a journey that facilitates future-driven solutions, and helps discover transformative career choices that fit and impact our world in the long run.

The GenP Takeaways

After the GenP program, students will take away with them a whole new perspective on future building, and see the world with a fresh lens.

  • Be Future-proof
    Envision the future career possibilities and how it affects the decisions made today.
  • Be Adaptive
    Adapt their skills to the changing world scenarios.
  • Build a roadmap of success
    Create a goal-oriented map with achievable and desirable milestones.
  • Create a Vision
    Start with the “why” and discover an inspiring purpose-driven vision.
  • Be Impact-driven
    Learn how to use your path to contribute and create positive impact.
  • Transform Growth Mindsets
    Move beyond the linear formula of success, and turn limitations into opportunities.
  • Expand Possibilities
    Discover education and careers that can maximize one’s potential.
  • Find the “I”
    Explore one’s unique interests, strengths, and core values.
  • Learn from Success Stories
    Get inspired by the different offbeat paths of successful people.
  • Become a GenPeer
    Join a tribe of like-minded students and encouraging mentors to help along the journey.

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