Choosing the same fields of study or career path, no longer guarantees the same success. Then, why guide students towards the same things while the world around them is changing at the speed of light?

There is a massive gap between young people’s expectations and the reality they face. That’s why we help students find the new sane. We encourage a non-linear path to discover what gets them going, and how it fits the future they are entering into.



Our purpose is to create a generation that is overwhelmed with energy, creativity, and purpose to get out there and be the change makers that the world needs!

We believe the time has come to guide students differently and give them the tools to use their time and resources to climb the right wall!

The GenP Drivers

Meet the force behind the wheels of change.

Today, when we think of our high school and university days, we wish we had the type of guidance that helped us figure out the simple things that could’ve made a big impact on our way of thinking and decisions regarding our next steps at the time.

Carla Lazkani, Founder

After earning her Bachelors of Commerce from McGill University in Canada, she worked in marketing and brand development nearly 7 years for multimillion dollar brands at Unilever. Carla strongly believes that the key to success & fulfillment is centered around having a meaningful purpose. She founded GenerationP to help young minds create a purpose so they can wake up everyday to do what lights them up and the world. She is a certified Professional Coach from the North Pole Institute and a One Young World Ambassador. Carla is also passionate about creating a positive impact in the areas of Education, Youth Development, and Women Empowerment.

Yara Lazkani, Co-Founder

Yara is a Marketing graduate from John Molson School of Business in Canada. After her graduation, she worked in Red Bull for five years earning an in depth experience in sports and field marketing events. Within her scope of work, she handled the student program which inspired her to tap into her passion of counselling and helping the youth to tap into their potential. Thereafter, Yara earned her life coaching certificate from CTI Co-Active Institute and kickstarted her mission in building a mind shifting program to uplift the youth’s guidance system. She is also the founder of ChinChinTalu, a conscious festival, that revolves about art, mindfulness and self-expression.

Dima Abifaker

Her love for art, nature, traveling and connecting with people has led her to develop a passion for conscious self-development. She is committed to helping people discover their power and recognize their value. Through her experience in Art Therapy, Psychology and Holistic Practice, Dima has created and facilitated a range of interactive and transformational workshops. After almost 3 years of experience in advertising, she began working with individuals, communities and corporations to create moments of play, creativity and exploration. As a partner in the GenP team, Dima works as a Youth Empowerment Guide. A key element to her interaction with students relies on building self confidence in their future decisions.