The GenP Journey

Simply put, the world needs an upgrade, by a generation that is upgraded to forward thinkers and purposeful change makers.

We believe, young minds can do extraordinary things when they go beyond the familiar path of career choices. It’s when they tap their true potential with a sense of purpose, new possibilities emerge.

That’s why, we’ve created an exclusive set of insightfully crafted programs that leads the current generation of explorers to become the future generation of change makers.

The GenPitStops

Every journey needs a pitstop to learn, experiment, and get inspired.

We created 5 pitstops to help the youth get started on their journey towards an empowered future that they desire, and the world deserves.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Rima Khalaili – Grade 11 – Al Mawakeb School

It helped me breakthrough my limitations. It was definitely eye opening to the future changes that will impact the job market and the skills that we need to succeed.

Rima Khalaili
Sivalika Bagrodia – Grade 12 – Dubai International Academy

GenP was a lot more different than all the counseling programs I have gone through before.

It’s about opening up your mind towards the future and how the world is evolving.

Sivalika Bagrodia
Aditya Rathi – Grade 12 – Dubai International Academy

“Compatibility” is one word I’d describe GenP because I can see my journey going into so many different fields.

After the program, I event started thinking differently when I am going through my school courses.

Aditya Rathi
Yara Massoud – Grade 11 – Al Mawakeb School

GenP is thought provoking.

It definitely opened my mind and it gave me the tools to narrow my options and helped me organize my thoughts.

Klara Sananikone
Marina Markarian – Grade 10 – Al Mawakeb School

It was inspirational! I gained knowledge of many new jobs that will be coming in the future years that I didn’t even know about.

I sorted things out and had many examples that helped me sooth out my grumbled up thoughts.

Marina Markarian
Klara Sananikone – Grade 12 – Dubai International Academy

After the workshop, I felt a lot more creative with all the different tools that were given to us.

I would definitely recommend it to other students because most of us think in one direction when we are assessing our future.

Klara Sananikone

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