What’s GenP?

A mind-shifting counselling program for high school and college student that is designed to

Power Mindset

Shift to a growth mindset to unleash the highest potential and align to core values that is suitable for the best career path.

Activate Purpose

A purpose at heart that acts as a personal compass (good for me) and creates positive impact in the world (good for all).

Become Future Fit

Equipped with the right imagination, skills, and knowledge to take on the future without being disrupted.

What is GenP setting out to do?

GenP brings customized counselling to encourage a non-linear type of thinking to avoid current challenges… 



of students end up in jobs unrelated to their areas of study.



of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t even exist yet.



of millennials are either not engaged or actively disengaged in the workforce.

What is Up with the “P”?

We love our 5 Ps!
Our program is based on a journey into the
student’s inner world and outward world
so they can be in the driving seats of their future.

The Program

What Students Said

This is Sivalika.

Dubai International Academy.
“GenP is a lot different than all the counselling programs I have gone through before. It’s about opening up your mind towards the future and how the world is evolving.”

This is Aditya.

Dubai International Academy. “Compatibility is one word I’d describe GenP because I can see my journey going into so many different fields. After the program, I even started thinking differently when I am going through my school courses.”

This is Marina.

Al Mawakeb School, Dubai.
“It was inspirational! I gained knowledge of many future jobs that I didn’t even know about. I sorted things out and had many examples that helped me sooth my jumbled up thoughts.”

The GenP Tribe

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